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Mega Church Pastor leads whole congregation in 2 weeks Prayer.

Pastor and founder of the United Denominations of the Lighthouse Churches, Bishop Dag Heward-Mills has led his whole congregation in a two week prayer time and waiting on God.

The prayer and waiting-on-God time dubbed ‘between the porch and the altar’ was streamed live on Facebook with thousands joining the 2 week event from different parts of the world.

Bishop Dag Heward-Mills questioned the lasting effect of the traditional 21 day fast at the beginning of each year.

He explained that such fasting rather worked to make believers be extremely spiritual for only a season and be carnal for rest of the year. It also carried the message of ‘I have finished with God’ when one was done with the 2-week period of fasting and prayer. Can you finish with God?

According to Bishop Dag, believers who held on to the traditional  21 could easily end up not praying much during the rest of the year.

The international Gospel preacher spent time explaining the scriptural basis for prayer and giving each prayer topic.

For many who attended or joined the live streaming, they were amazed to see a mega church pastor of this calibre leading a prayer meeting.

People of all walks of life commenting on the event thanked the bishop for the opportunity to pray for several hours each day.

Bishop Dag also spent time teaching why people ought to pray showing from scripture the need to spend long periods of time in prayer.

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