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The Last of Us 2 Reveals New Cast of Characters

31 Oct 2017
The-Last-of-Us-Part-Two-character-details.jpg.optimal.jpg The-Last-of-Us-Part-Two-character-details.jpg.optimal.jpg

During the PlayStation showcase at Paris Games Week, Sony revealed a brutal new trailer for The Last of Us Part Two. The trailer was dramatic and violent and surprised many fans, but it also raised an important question: who are these new characters?

Naughty Dog has now shed more light on these new The Last of Us 2 characters and who plays them in several posts on Twitter. The character whose wings are being “clipped” is Yara, who is played by Victoria Grace (Famous In Love). The character who rescues Yara as she’s being attacked Lev, who is played by Ian Alexander (The OA).

And the character who is orchestrating the attack is Emily and is played by Emily Swallow (The Mentalist, Supernatural). Emily’s role is described as a “guest appearance,” so it’s unclear how much she will feature in the full game.

Curiously, one character who was not fully detailed by Naughty Dog is the woman first captured by Emily. While Naughty Dog confirms that the role will be played by Laura Bailey (the voice of Nadine Ross in Uncharted: The Lost Legacy), the developer listed the character’s name as [redacted].

Fans immediately began to speculate on who she might be and one popular theory is that the unnamed character is somehow related to Ellie. The two women do have some resemblance, and some fans initially mistook the character for Ellie before Naughty Dog confirmed that she isn’t Ellie at all.

Naughty Dog has confirmed that Ellie is the main character of The Last of Us 2, though, so fans shouldn’t expect this other character to detract from Ellie’s story. Naughty Dog has also stated that The Last of Us series is, overall, about Joel and Ellie, and so Bailey’s character will hopefully tie into their lore and backstories somehow. As the game’s writing team includes stellar talent such as Westworld writer Halley Gross, this new character should fit into the game quite naturally.

There will inevitably be more speculation as fans wait for Naughty Dog to confirm who Bailey’s character is. The series’ fans are a fairly savvy bunch, having already picked up on brief hints about the title’s gameplay (e.g. the combat on horseback).

Fans were also quick to find the ‘hidden’ image in a recent poster for the game, and that discovery spawned more theories about its content. Credible ideas are already being put together about the trailer, but only time will tell to see if any of them are correct.

The Last of Us: Part 2 is currently in development as a PlayStation 4 exclusive.

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