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Hajj Board Official slaps female pilgrim

24 Oct 2017

A board member of the Ghana Hajj Board popularly known as Heavy Dee lost his cool during the Holy pilgrimage and slapped a female pilgrim in Saudi Arabia.

Details of disturbing developments during the Holy voyage are emerging as Starrfmonline.com digs into the operations of the IC Quaye-led Hajj Board.

After exposing acts of visa fraud which are being investigated by the Nima and Airport police commands, Starrfmonline.com can reveal that the brawl which ensued in the Ghana camp was concealed from the Saudi police due to the sanctions Ghana could have suffered in subsequent Hajjs.

Speaking to the husband of the female pilgrim in question, Alhaji Usman Mohammed, who is a Hajj Agent, he said an altercation ensued between the Hajj Board official and his wife in camp.

“I tried to intervene but before I realized he hit her ears with the back of his hand,” Alhaji Mohammed popularly known as Choggu recalled. “I followed him with a blow and broke his mouth and nose. This happened in Saudi at the time of weighing our luggage.”

When Heavy Dee was contacted for a response, he told Starr News’ Ibrahim Alhassan, he will not comment on the issue because it is past and gone.

“I thank you very much for your concern, but this issue I don’t want to talk about it. It is something I will not talk about. I’m sorry… God will clear my name for me. This happened more than six weeks ago and why now? I don’t think it’s necessary,” Heavy Dee stated.

Several pilgrims who witnessed the incident have corroborated the report. Meanwhile, officials of the Board have refused to comment on the case because “it has been dealt with internally already.”

Starrfmonline.com understands a detailed report has been submitted to the Office of the Vice President, which supervises the operations of the Hajj Board, to assess its performance this year and act on some of the allegations against the Board.

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