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Nintendo is Open to Mature Games on the Switch Console

16 Oct 2017
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In the months since the Nintendo Switch launched, and even the time before that, fans have been discussing which games they hope will arrive to the versatile console. Titles that go beyond the mostly family-friendly launch exclusives have circulated in such conversations and appeared on many wishlists. So when the company confirmed DOOM and Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus for the Switch, players rejoiced. But one question still remains: Will Nintendo ever introduce a collection of mature games to the Switch?

According to a new report published by The Wall Street Journal, it seems likely. The Japanese-based company reportedly taking an open-minded approach to mature themes, and wants to strip away its more juvenile image in favor of a well-rounded reputation that entices gamers of all ages. “Nintendo Co. is encouraging some producers of violent or risqué video games to provide content for its Switch console in an attempt to shed its image as a maker of devices just for families, software developers say,” the report details. The Wall Street Journal also alleges, after chatting with developers, that the decision is a calculated one that aims to target adult gamers and PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One users who have comparatively more exposure to M-rated titles.

nintendo open minded mature games switch

One of the developers the Wall Street Journal spoke with was Inti Creates, the creatives behind Gal*Gun 2, which was recently revealed for the Nintendo Switch. The executives expressed their surprise at Nintendo’s new stance on mature themes. Inti Creates chief executive Takuya Aizu stated, “I thought it wouldn’t be possible to release such a game for the Switch, but surprisingly, Nintendo gave me positive feedback.” In a separate sit-down, DualShockers followed up with Aizu to discuss whether Nintendo of America is stricter than Nintendo of Japan. Aizu revealed that “Nintendo doesn’t object” to adult games, so long as they aren’t adult-only and fall within ESRB and CERO ratings for both branches.

Another, unnamed executive stated that Nintendo was once “passive” toward more mature content, but has now shifted gears and opened itself up to new territory, particularly regarding games including sexual themes and silence. “[Nintendo] was passive until now, but that is no longer the right word to describe its stance today,” the executive revealed.

nintendo switch mature adult games

While these remarks certainly sound promising for the future of Nintendo and the Switch, they aren’t to say that mature themes are anything new to Nintendo platforms, as fans have seen the launches of No More Heroes, Resident Evil, and Senren Kagura on the company’s various systems in years past. Additionally, this news doesn’t represent an immediate change of pace for Nintendo, and it will likely be a lengthy process for the company to move away from its clean-cut image and into something entirely new.

For now, Nintendo will focus its efforts on releasing Super Mario Odyssey, which recently received its first perfect score review, to the eager masses and introducing a host of indie games for the Switch in the coming months.

The Nintendo Switch is available now.

Source: The Wall Street Journal (via DualShockers)

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