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Destiny 2: A Closer Look at the Iron Banner Weapons

11 Oct 2017
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The first Iron Banner of Destiny 2 has made its debut, and the PvP event is challenging players with grinding out tokens in order to earn Iron Banner weapons and armor. There is a substantial arsenal that players can receive from the engrams given out by Lord Saladin. Here’s a closer look at what weapons can be gained and their perks:


The Steady Hand

The Steady Hand is a hand cannon with one of the highest Impact stats in Destiny 2. If players are able to keep a steady hand (pun intended) and can be consistent with headshots, this hand cannon could be a monster. The flip side of its powerful shots are an abysmally low Handling, Stability, and Reload stat. However, all the perks on the weapon (Flared Magwell/Alloy Magazine and Outlaw) are focused on increasing the reload speed.


The Wizened Rebuke

With a similar thought behind it as The Steady Hand hand cannon, The Wizened Rebuke carries an extremely high Impact stat, which means fewer of its seven bolts are required to kill an enemy in PvP. But that also means that it has an extremely long charge time on it. Select Enhanced Battery over Liquid Coils to avoid an even longer charge time. With the Backup Plan perk, the weapon is clearly encouraging players to swap to it to it just before use to decrease that long charge time and increase its handling.


The Day’s Fury

This grenade launcher sports some very strong stats in comparison to the other grenade launchers in the game. However, the weapon class is not very highly utilized in either PvE or PvP. But the weapon’s options of Mini Frags (less damage but more grenades) and Spike Grenades (which do increased damage on direct hits) could be effective if wielded correctly.


The Time-Worn Spire

This pulse rifle falls into the 540 rounds per minute archetype shared by pulse rifles like Lincoln Green. This is high firing rate pulse rifle, but with overall better stats with Lincoln Green. With Accurized Rounds and Zen Moment, it also has the chance of reaching out to distances beyond similar rifles in its archetype.


The Guiding Sight

The Guiding Sight scout rifle belongs to the slow firing, high impact class of scout rifles like Does Not Compute, Dead Orbit’s Haunted Earth, and Frontier Justice. It does sport a slightly higher Stability stat than those other scout rifles, which can be further boosted with the Tactical Mag perk.


The Fool’s Remedy

The sidearm for Iron Banner is Full Auto like all the SUROS sidearms in the game. This one has increased Range and Handling stats in comparison to its contemporaries. The advantage of this sidearm is by far its ability to be effective at a slightly longer range, a stat further boosted by its perks Accurized Rounds and FarPoint SAS.


The Hero’s Burden

The Hero’s Burden submachine gun belongs to the 900 rounds per minute archetype. Most players are favoring the 600 RPM archetype like the Antiope-D, but for The Hero’s Burden archetype, its stats are really good. Superior Range and Stability stats, plus High Caliber Rounds could make this weapon one to look out for.

All these weapons can be earned by playing the Iron Banner playlist in the Crucible and collecting the tokens that drop after each match. Iron Banner ends on the next weekly reset, October 17 at 2 a.m. Pacific.

Destiny 2 is available now for PS4 and Xbox One, and releases on October 24, 2017 for PC.

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