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BlizzCon In-Game Rewards Include Overwatch Skin, WoW Mounts, and More

11 Oct 2017
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Fall is officially here, the Overwatch Halloween event is just getting started, and that means BlizzCon can’t be far behind. The massive Blizzard convention begins on November 3 and fans who aren’t traveling to Anaheim can keep up on the news by purchasing a virtual ticket and watching the live streams. Those super fans who attend either in-person or virtually also get a sweet stash of in-game rewards in exchange for their ticket purchase.

There is an in-game reward for everything from Overwatch to Diablo 3, so there’s something for every type of Blizzard gamer in the package. Many of the items are already available in-game starting today, but Heroes of the Storm, Diablo 3, and Hearthstone prizes can’t be cashed in quite yet. Check back for updates on those releases.

This list breaks down every reward that ticket holders are able to claim in Blizzard games…


World of Warcraft: Stormwind Skychaser and Orgrimmar Interceptor

“Heroes of Azeroth can show their BlizzCon spirit with the Stormwind Skychaser mount (for the Alliance!) and Orgrimmar Interceptor mount (for the Horde!).”


Overwatch: BlizzCon 2017 Winston Skin

“Through the power of science, Winston found himself teleported into BlizzCon 2017—and picked up this souvenir skin to mark the curious occasion.”


StarCraft II: Junker SCV, Probe, and Drone Skins

“Discovered on the fringe worlds by the notorious terran junker gangs who scour the Korprulu sector for salvage, these scrappy SCVs, Probes, and Drones are retrofitted and ready to take on your dirty work.”


Heroes of the Storm: Nexus Razorback Mount…and More!

“Charge into battle on the Nexus Razorback mount, make your mark on the Battlegrounds with a BlizzCon 2017 Banner and Cartoon Nexus Razorback Spray, and show your convention spirit with your BlizzCon 2017 Portrait.”


Diablo 3: Murkromancer Pet

“No one escapes the aaaaaughibbrgubugbugrguburgle! Rumor has it this necrotic, aquatic companion can command an army of dead fish, which is about as useful as you’d think.”


Hearthstone: Mystery Goodie

What’s on deck for Hearthstone players? The Innkeeper’s not quite ready to show his hand quite yet!

The mystery surrounding the Hearthstone reward is a pretty good indicator that it will relate to a new card or set of cards that the company plans to announce during the festivities.

Gamers who don’t feel like shelling out cash for the virtual event should check in with Game Rant during BlizzCon weekend to stay up-to-date on all of the announcements, trailers, and interviews.

BlizzCon begins on November 3 and runs through November 4.

Source: Blizzard

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