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GTW 2017: Build Something For Your Members

06 Oct 2017

Bishop Dag Heward-Mills, founding Bishop of the Lighthouse Chapel International and the founder of the Give Thyself Wholly (formerly ISI: Iron Sharpeneth Iron Conference) has this year hosted a large group of pastors and serious Christians at the Give Thyself Wholly Conference (GTW) Conference 2017.

The prolific author during one of the life-changing sessions at the Anagkazo Bible Training Seminary in Ekuapim-Mampong, preached on and explained why pastors ought to build big churches for the congregation.

Using the lives of King David and his Solomon as windows and examples, he explains into fine details how the thought of building a temple for the Lord was continuously on the heart of David. Although the Lord prevented David from building him a temple, David still had it on his mind. This burned so deep in him that he made preparations for his son Solomon to easily build the most magnificent of edifices for the Lord.



The Venue for this year's conference: Anagkazo Bible Training Seminary




To listen to Bishop Dag Heward-Mills' preaching at the GTW Conference: For Android Users Click Here. For Apple Users Click Here.


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