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Pokemon Movie ‘I Choose You!’ Theatrical Trailer Releases

04 Oct 2017
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When the announcement came out that the 20th Pokemon movie would retell the origin story of Ash and Pikachu, the Pokemon fanbase was filled with excitement at the potential of a film that takes the series back to its roots. Those who loved the original series and younger, newer fans can finally come together to appreciate what looks from the newly-released trailer to be a beautiful never-seen-before adventure starring one of anime’s greatest duos.

The new trailer for Pokemon the Movie: ‘I Choose You!’ was posted on the official Pokemon YouTube channel where we get a look at Ash and Pikachu’s very first meeting back in the Kanto region. The movie will see two unlikely partners come together and begin their Pokemon adventure, but it also gives them a new purpose that has never before been explored in depth – the hunt for Ho-Oh.

The legendary bird from Pokemon Gold was often overshadowed by the incredible popularity of Lugia, its Pokemon Silver counterpart. This time, it seems, the movie will explore the team’s journey to find the mythical creature that flew overhead right at the beginning of the duo’s adventure. The theatrical trailer also revealed that Ash and Pikachu’s travels won’t simply be limited to Kanto, as Pokemon from all regions of the world are shown, implying that the hunt is not an easy one.

It’s a relief to know that the film will tell a new story, even if the beginning is pleasantly familiar, and although die-hard Pokemon fans might be upset at the removal of Brock and Misty, the movie has a chance to explore a different path – one where Ash is less obsessed with being the very best. Ho-Oh won’t be the only legendary creature that the 10-year-old will come across in the new film either, as Entei, Xerneas, and Marshadow are also shown in the short but touching trailer.

What’s particularly impressive about the upcoming film is how clean and modern the animation looks, while still retaining the iconic feel of the original Pokemon series. The English voices are perfect, as to be expected from Sarah Natochenny returning for the voice of Ash and Ikue Ōtani as Pikachu, and the film looks to be a real nostalgia trip for older fans.

As part of a promotion for the upcoming film, The Pokemon Company is giving fans a chance to download a set of unique Pikachus, all equipped with one of Ash Ketchum’s iconic caps. To receive an Ash Hat Pikachu, players simply have to launch their copy of Pokemon Sun or Pokemon Moon and enter the code PIKACHU20 to receive that week’s mystery gift.

Pokemon the Movie: I Choose You! is scheduled for a theatrical release on November 5-6, 2017.

Source: YouTube

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