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Nintendo Switch Hides Golf Mini-Game

18 Sep 2017
nintendo-switch-nes-emulator-1.jpg.optimal.jpg nintendo-switch-nes-emulator-1.jpg.optimal.jpg

The Nintendo Switch may have launched in March, but the portable console evidently still has plenty of hidden tricks up its sleeve – or more accurately, within its firmware. This weekend, a dataminer digging through files on the Nintendo Switch detailed a folder named flog, which contains a fully-functional NES emulator. The only game stored within this emulator was 1984’s Golf, a dated sports game with a suspiciously-Mario-esque golfer on its cover.

What’s more interesting, however, is that the game features fully integrated support for the Switch’s Joy-Con controllers. This takes the game far beyond any previous Virtual Console offering, as no Nintendo title has ever featured motion controller or touch screen support for Virtual Console content. If Golf ends up just being the first title to receive this treatment, it could mean games like F-Zero or Wii Sports tennis will support the input as well.

Nintendo Switch NES Golf

The folder’s existence has been common knowledge for some time, and its deep integration with the official firmware means that every Switch in the world is toting around Golf and its secret motion controller support. Nintendo evidently has some large plans that have yet to come to fruition, though the Japanese-based company has not made an official comment about bringing motion controls to backward compatible titles.

The dataminer reports that there’s currently no known way to actually trigger the title within the standard user interface, though some have speculated that the right sequence of buttons may do the trick. It’s also still possible that this discovery – which is based off the proven existence of the flog folder – is a bold hoax. Other data mining groups have yet to find the folder, though the poster’s history indicates they have been consistently accurate and truthful in the past.

The idea that retro video game titles can be reborn with motion controller support is certainly an enticing idea for Switch owners all across the globe, all of whom have been unwittingly carrying around the emulator since March.

For those still wondering why the hidden easter egg folder is called flog, that’s just golf backwards – there’s no motion controlled whipping activities to be seen here, lest a much darker Easter Egg is unearthed.

Golf originally released in 1984 on the Famicon Disk System, PC-88, PlayChoice-10, NES, and the Sharp X1.

Source: SwitchBrew

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