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"A Day of Help" - A charity event by CEM and Lighthouse Chapel International

12 Sep 2017

 The Evangelistic Charismatic Ministries, "Christ To The Rural World" and the Lighthouse Chapel International's Healing Jesus Campaign in collaboration with the Centre for Employment of Persons with Disabilities  (CEPD) on Saturday 9th September, organized a charity event for people with disabilities.

The church is often expected to cooperate with goverment bodies to perform civic duties which are usually preached from behind the pulpits and these two huges denominations have done just that.

Led by Rev. Steve Mensah (C.E.M) and Bishop Dag Heward-Mills (L.C.I), the event, "A Day of Help" truly lived up to its name.

Several items were given given out to "handicapped" persons and with the aid of the C.E.P.D.

Some of the activities that went on during the event were:

  • Free screening from doctors, nurses, optomologists, pharmacists, dentists, physiotherapists and other health speacialists.
  • Free distribution of good-conditioned clothing, food, toiletries, matresses and many more

The church in more ways than one have always been an key charity-orieinted group and is driven by the fact that we are urged to freely give because we have also recieved in like manner.

Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out devils: freely ye have received, freely give. Mathew 10:8

The Independence Square (the venue for the occassion) was chock full of people who had come to praticipate in the event in the least way possible to make sure that it was successful. 

IMG 20170912 WA0007

Some of the people taking away buckets and kitchen supplies that were given to them

IMG 20170912 WA0008

Rev. Steve Mensah and Bishop Dag Heward-Mills

IMG 20170912 WA0009

Bishop Dag Heward-Mills praying over the wheelchairs that were distributed 

IMG 20170912 WA0010

Happily posing for the camera after being given a brand new wheelchair to make life a little easier

IMG 20170912 WA0011

Health screening with some health practioners

IMG 20170912 WA0012

A lady being helped unto her brand new wheelchair

IMG 20170912 WA0013

IMG 20170912 WA0014

IMG 20170912 WA0015

IMG 20170912 WA0016

IMG 20170912 WA0017

IMG 20170912 WA0019

It still remains a duty to all Christians worldwide to reachout out to the poor and the needy. Not all charitable acts may be given publicity but everything is still viewed in the eyes of one person whose gaze we cannot escape: God. He will reward us openly for all the things we do secretly.

Help a soul today if you can. 


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