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Did Real Madrid & Manchester United produce the worst shoot-outs ever?

Manchester United celebrating after beating <a href='#myModal13' role='button' title='Click here for more info' data-toggle='modal'>Real Madrid</a>

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                                    <td><strong>City: </strong>Madrid</td>
                                    <td><strong>Ground: </strong>Santiago Bernabeu</td>
                                    <td><strong>Country: </strong>Spain</td>
                                    <td><strong>Built: </strong>1947</td>
                                    <td><strong>Founded: </strong>1902</td>
                                    <td><strong>Capacity: </strong>80354</td>
                                    <td><strong>President: </strong>Florentino Perez</td>
                                    <td><strong>Pitch: </strong>105x68m</td>

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Founded in 1902, R. Madrid C.F. are a professional Spanish football club currently playing 
in the LIGA BBVA. THe club play their home games at Santiago Bernabeu and possess top 
training facilities and excellent youth facilities. The club's training ground is Ciudad
Deportiva de Valdebedas. The Real Madrid reserve team play at Ciudad Deportiva de 
Valdebedas. The club also has excellent junior coaching and an extensive youth
recruitment network. The club retains a fierce rivalry with F.C Barcelona and C. Atletico Madrid SAD.
Having enjoyed their greatest spell of success during the 1960s, Real Madrid are 
undoubtedly one of the most successful clubs in Spain. Boasting a proud total of seventhy-
three competition wins, here are just some of their highlights: Real Madrid won the 
Champions Cup on nine occasions and finished runner-up on three occassion,  won the 
Spanish top division thirty-two times and are twenty-time runners-up, finished runners-up
in the Cup Winners Cup in 1971 and 1983, and won the EURO Cup in 1985 and 1986.

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        </div> on penalties Manchester United celebrating after beating Real Madrid on penalties

Two European Giants (although this term is used loosely with Manchester United in the fray) Real Madrid

and Manchester United battled it out in a just ended ICC cup match in the States.

With the game deadlocked at the end of normal time, a penalty shoot out was required to determine who would progress into the next phase of the tournament and oh boy were we in for a treat.

Anthony Martial did provide a beautiful assist in an attempt to run at the Real defence with the perhaps Marcelo representing the only real challenge in terms of experience; the latter who was unable to block a shot by Jesse Lingard to allow Manchester United take a deserved lead.

Carlos Henrique José Francisco Venâncio Casimiro, Casemiro for short captained a less experienced Real side and was able to convert a spot kick to make it one all. It ended in a stale mate and what ensured could only be described as one of the worst penalty shoot-outs you would ever have to see

Have you seen a worse shoot-out than what just transpired? Leave a comment and possibly a link below


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