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Uber has unveiled plans to partner with plane manufacturers to develop and test a network of flying cars by 2020.

A high school student in Tanzania has built a robot that can walk, turn its head, speak and perform other functions with the help of a remote control.

An unmanned NASA spacecraft, Cassini, is poised to plunge into the gap between Saturn and its rings, a pioneering journey that could offer an unprecedented view of the sixth planet from the Sun.

Government is preparing to inject more resources into the operational activities of National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) which it says it is on the verge to collapse.

Want to live longer? Reduce your risk of cancer? And heart disease? Then cycle to work, say scientists.

Facebook's chief has paid his respects to the family of a man whose killing was filmed and posted onto its site.

Chinese internet giant Baidu has said it will share much of the technology it has created for its self-driving cars.

Mrs Rhoda Darmata Bukari, the Principal of the Bawku Presbyterian Nursing Training College (PNTC) in the Upper East Region has called on nurses to exhibit discipline and love in their work.

Police in Cleveland are searching for a man who broadcast the fatal shooting of a "random" victim live on Facebook.

Dramatic improvements are needed in ensuring access to clean water and sanitation worldwide, the World Health Organization said Thursday, warning that nearly two billion people currently use faecal-contaminated water.

Executive Director of Health Concern Ghana Nursing School in Accra, Mrs. Mary Aboagye, has suggested that all institutions should infuse a health awareness programme into their activities in order to safeguard the health of students, workers and all manner of Ghanaians.

The Community of Learning And Social Spectrum ‘CLASS’ has begun a parenting campaign dubbed ‘Never Asked Never Answered (NANA)’ among professional institutions in Kumasi, to engender better parenting in the country.