"Delta Force" activities force Ghana Bar Association to release statement

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Mob Justice…when the citizens of a country decide to become judge, jury and executioner.

Mob Justice…when the citizens of a country decide to become judge, jury and executioner.

Whatever the reason may be, taking the law into your hands is an absolute error that needn’t be condoned. As if Robin Hood wasn’t enough other groups of people throughout history have built up on this reputation and formed what is now being called “Vigilante Groups” and Ghana seems to have her fair share of this. The now notorious Delta Force, making the headlines for all the wrong reasons may have outdone themselves this time. According to sources, 13 members of the infamous Delta Force have reported to the police after being forcibly freed from custody on Thursday.

The Ashanti regional police in a press release, today, said the 13 persons are back in police custody. The police are not the only group to release a statement however; the Ghana Bar Association (GBA) has also released a statement on the Kumasi Circuit Court freeing members of the pro-NPP group, the Delta Force.

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GBA 001

Page 1 of the Statement by the Ghana Bar Assosiation

GBA 002

On a personal level, no amount of emotions, logical reasoning or the lack thereof should culminate in certain groups of people taking the law into their own hands. The law exists for the sake of sanity and not the opposite.

However a government chooses to combat such developments would, through its actions, be telling its citizens that they either stand for such actions or not. In the words of Bishop Dag Heward-Mills, a prolific author and founding Bishop of the Lighthouse Chapel International, "Delay often means cancellation".

The time is now should measures be taken to curb this menace.

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