You have to be in tip-top shape to portray a Marvel superhero. Just look at Chris Pratt, who underwent a remarkable transformation that turned him from the portly comic relief in Parks And Recreation to the uber-fit star of Guardians Of The Galaxy. The svelte Benedict Cumberbatch didn't have to undergo as much of a shift in the weight for his leading role in Doctor Strange. Instead he had a different problem to contend with, as the English actor had to squeeze in his training between shooting and performing theater at night.

Movie history is littered with parallel universes where different actors took on different parts that could have catapulted them onto new heights. We now have another to add to the discussion, because it has been revealed that Danny Glover was actually the first choice to play Raiden in 1995's Mortal Kombat, with New Line pushing for the casting. They eventually buckled, and the role was played by Christopher Lambert instead.

John Wick introduced audiences to a dark, polished, and sharply dressed, underground criminal society full of assassins who (mostly) abide by an unspoken code of conduct and two explicit rules. While the first movie told a more intimate story that only hinted at the larger world of this secret society, John Wick: Chapter Two takes the titular character through several of the corners of this complex underworld, revealing even more about the world of John Wick.

While very few of these customs are explicitly explained, there are still enough hints about the inner functionings of the various entities presented, giving us enough puzzle pieces to put together a loose sketch of this mysterious world of assassins.



The underground criminal world in which John Wick lives seems to be comprised of a layered society of crime lords. Viggo Tarasov and his brother Abram head up the Russian syndicate in New York City, but as John Wick 2 shows, they are far from the top of the food chain.

The High Table is a council of high-level crime lords that rule the criminal world. The council is comprised of 12 seats, with each seat often owned by a family. Gianna D’Antonio inherited her father’s’ seat after his death, but Santino D’Antonio craves the power for himself, ordering John Wick to kill his sister.



The Continental is more than just a hotel for the criminal underworld, it’s an entire network of facilities and services that enable assassins to do their job. Of the two rules in this underworld, one of them applies specifically to The Continental: no business on Continental grounds. While most assassins like John Wick and Cassian (played by Common) strictly adhere to this rule, not everyone is so honorable, as we see Ms. Perkins killed for violating this rule in the first movie.

While the High Table is a supreme authority in most cases, The Continental is an autonomous organization, and its various branch managers – Winston in New York and Julius in Rome, among others – have complete authority over Continental business. In fact, Winston may even have a history of pushing back against The High Table.

The Continental’s concierge can provide for almost any needs for their exclusive clientele. Some locations even board pets – just not in the New York branch.



A Sommelier is normally an expert in fine wines, offering customers advice on important matters like wine and food pairing. Naturally, a sommelier is one of the services provided by the Continental, only this particular wine shop is a front for a high-end armory.

That doesn’t mean it’s not classy, though. Through conversations with his clientele, the Sommelier identifies a client’s “dinner plans,” suggesting just the right weapon pairing to properly compliment every course, starting out with a light pairing of Austrian handguns before moving to a more substantial AR-15, followed by a “bold, robust, and accurate” Benelli shotgun, before wrapping up with a spring loaded boot knife for dessert.



If you look around The Continental, everyone is dressed to the nines (occasionally excluding John Wick). This is thanks to another of The Continental’s services, the Tailor. Found in the back room of a textile mill is a small shop where the Tailor makes bespoke suits for his elite clientele.

Not only are these suits made to order, but they include a lightweight armor lining that can stop a bullet at range, although it doesn’t block the impact, saving lives, but leaving the wearer bruised and battered. The Tailor provides his services for both men and women in a variety of styles and can even produce same day turnaround.



Behind a false bookcase in a small bookstore that looks like it smells of leather and mahogany is The Continental’s Cartographer. The Cartographer’s map collection is full of both ancient diagrams and modern blueprints, detailing the layout of many local sites. The Cartographer reviews his clientele’s travel plans and helps to provide all the logistical data necessary for their missions.

In addition to these manuscripts and documents, the Cartographer can also provide the keys necessary to access certain areas, aiding John Wick in gaining covert access to the Red Square concert venue in the roman colosseum.



John Wick may keep a stash of coins, guns, and other tools of the trade in a box under a cement slab in his basement, but like any professional, he doesn’t put all his eggs in one basket. Before traveling to Rome, he visits a small pawnshop run by an Orthodox Jew, the Pawbroker. This pawn shop is a front for a secure bank of safety deposit boxes.

The Pawnbroker accepts Wick’s account number, allowing him access to his box, where he has a spare suit, weapons, gold coins, and a passport so he can leave the country. Some assassins may have small stashes stored in various banks around the world to ensure they can access important resources in an emergency.

Source: Screen Rant

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