Western fans of anime know the medium provides content that is refreshingly different from mainstream American or European television.

It seems like it’s been ages since the last time we saw consulting detective Sherlock Holmes (Benedict Cumberbatch) and his friend Dr. John Watson gallivanting about modern-day London solving mysteries. In truth, it was less than a year ago when BBC’s hit series Sherlock aired its last episode, the standalone Christmas special, ‘The Abominable Bride.’

Top Gear is a show that has stayed fairly consistent over the years. After its relaunch in 2002, the show found a magazine format that brought viewers in, and the tried and tested format remained pretty much unchanged for the 13 years that the show was fronted by Jeremy Clarkson, James May, and Richard Hammond.

In appreciation of the wonders and wiles of the four-colored world, September 25th was designated National Comic Book Day (by unknown parties). It’s a day to reflect upon the legacy of the sequential art form as well as its influence in popular culture and continuing relevance to society as a whole. Most of all, comic book day is a chance to kick back and catch up on all the great superhero action you might have missed from the latest Marvel titles.

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