Though it’s been a while since there’s been any mention of it, part of the TRON: Legacy team was actually working on a remake of Disney’s The Black Hole a few years ago. Screenwriter Jon Spaihts (Passengers, Doctor Strange) was brought in to do a rewrite on the project, though there’s been little news of it since.

Although initially kicked off with Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel in 2013, the DC Extended Universe officially began in earnest with the release of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice earlier this year. The followup to Man of Steel introduced a host of additional superheroes to the DCEU, all of which will receive their own solo films as part of the upcoming slate: Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, The Flash, and Cyborg. With Suicide Squad having debuted this summer, the next film from the DCEU set to hit theaters is Wonder Woman.

Based on the best-selling sandbox video game title originally created by Swedish programmer Markus “Notch” Persson and subsequently developed and published by Mojang, the latest word on the status of the forthcoming live-action Minecraft movie has the film slated for theatrical release in 2019. Set to be directed by It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia creator and co-star Rob McElhenney, the forthcoming major motion picture production is all set to turn a few heads when it finally sees its worldwide premiere.

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