“Han First Shot.” With a tweeted photo from the set, directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller ignited a galaxy of anticipation for Han Solo, the prequel origin story of the Star Wars galaxy’s most infamous smuggler-turned-rebel hero. The second Star Wars anthology film, currently scheduled for release in May of 2018, Han Solo will see Alden Ehrenreich (Hail Caesar!) step into the vest and leather boots made famous by Harrison Ford.

Divine Intelligence, the double BEFFTA Award-winning film created by UK-based multi-skilled and multi-professional Ghanaian, Sammy Ankrah, is set to screen at the Efua Sutherland Drama Studio of the School of Performing Arts, University of Ghana, Legon, on 12th February, 2017, from 4 p.m.

When Zoom was “killed” at the end of The Flash season 2, observant fans noticed how the character’s grotesque transformation made him resemble a certain other iconic speedster from DC Comics — namely the Black Flash. A grim reaper who punishes speedsters for creating time aberrations, the visual similarities between Zoom’s final form and the Black Flash were simply too blatant to be shrugged off. Instead, many fans began to wonder if Black Flash would be returning to The Flash at some point down the line, in case Barry or any of his fellow Speedsters made more mistakes in the timeline that they (once again) tried to run away from.

In this week’s Supergirl episode ‘We Can Be Heroes‘, Supergirl finally unmasks the mysterious vigilante Guardian and learns National City’s newest superhero is one of her closest friends and confidants, James Olsen. “That thing that you feel, that thing that makes you want to make everything better… I feel that too,” is how James explained to Kara why he’s spent much of Supergirl season 2 riding around in a drab grey armored suit playing superhero.

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