We all know that practice makes us better at things, but scientists are still trying to understand what kinds of practice work best. A research team led by a Brown University computer scientist has found insights about how people improve their skills in a rather unlikely place: online video games.

In a forum post, Blizzard reveals that it has banned 20,000 South Korean Overwatch players for cheating in the game using DDoS attacks and illegal hacks like aimbots.

Right from the start, Blizzard promised fans of Overwatch that it will take drastic action against those that cheat in the popular online multiplayer shooter by banning them from playing the game. While Overwatch hackers the world over have been banned, the country that seems to be the biggest offender is South Korea, where Blizzard has had to ban tens of thousands of players for cheating in the game. Well, we can add another 20,000 players to the list of people that are no longer allowed to play Overwatch in South Korea.

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