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Anti-Trump protests stretch into fifth day

US president-elect Donald Trump

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Protesters remained vocal Sunday about the election of Donald Trump as cities such as Washington and San Francisco braced for more public demonstrations.

Protesters remained vocal Sunday about the election of Donald Trump as cities such as Washington and San Francisco braced for more public demonstrations.

In Manhattan, a group gathered to demonstrate against Trump's immigration policies.
"The main purpose is to tell Donald Trump he can't just deport 11 million undocumented people," Noelle Yasso said. "They're here to stay and we stand in solidarity with them."
Yasso, who said she was an immigration lawyer, said immigrants are terrified.
"They're saying, 'Are we going to be deported tomorrow?' " she said. "People don't know what will happen and they're very scared."

In Los Angeles, around 100 people peacefully protested in front of the CNN building, said a member of CNN security. A small protest also took place midday Sunday in Springfield, Massachusetts.
This is the fifth day of protests since Trump upset Hillary Clinton in the US presidential election. Protesters are upset about Trump's policies on the environment, LGBT rights and other issues. Some are questioning the legitimacy of Trump's victory by noting that although he took the Electoral College, Clinton won the popular vote.

On Saturday, 8,000 people took to the streets in Los Angeles. The march was peaceful, unlike a Friday night protest by 1,000 people that resulted in the arrests of 187 adults and eight juveniles, Los Angeles police said.

Violence also flared again Saturday night in Portland, Oregon. Seventy-one people were arrested, mostly on charges of disorderly conduct and interfering with a police officer, police said.

"Several times throughout the evening, projectiles such as road flares and bottles were thrown at police officers," police said.

An additional 17 people were arrested Friday night. On that night, a man was shot and wounded during a protest in which demonstrators threw projectiles at police. On Thursday night, protesters smashed business windows and vandalized a car dealership.

New York protests
In New York, thousands of people marched 2 miles on Saturday and gathered outside Trump Tower, the President-elect's home in Manhattan, where they chanted and proclaimed that he was "not my president."

"I don't know what we can actually do to change things," protester Allen Meisner told CNN on Saturday, "but we have to keep coming and making sure his hatred and his fear and the anger that he's stirring up and using to get elected doesn't manifest itself in our country."

By 8 p.m. ET, only a few dozen protesters remained and Fifth Avenue was open for traffic. Police said a few people were arrested Saturday but that the protest was largely peaceful.

'Thank you for the unity'

In Los Angeles, police tweeted around midday that about 8,000 people were "exercising their 1st Amendment Right. No arrests have been made."
The Los Angeles Times reported it was the largest anti-Trump rally in the city so far.

At 2:56 p.m. (5:56 p.m. ET), police tweeted that 1,100 people were protesting.
"Thank you for the unity," the tweet said.

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