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Should pastors be involved in nation governing? – Bishops’ Council Communiqué in question.

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In times past, rulers were kings who had prophets or were both. Sometimes there was an overlap; a harmonious coexistence of the two.

In times past, rulers were kings who had prophets or were both. Sometimes there was an overlap; a harmonious coexistence of the two.

Kings like David from the Old Testament did prove that leadership roles and positions can be spearheaded by pastors. Pastors are invaluable additions to this world and rightly so, the bible does state:
“And I will give you pastors according to mine heart, which shall feed you with knowledge and understanding.”  Jeremiah 3:15

The above statement was made by Jeremiah as quoting God. Two things to note from this;
1.    Pastors according to mine heart
2.    Feed you with knowledge and understanding

Without pastors a nation is doomed to eternal failure. From Moses leading the Israelites from captivity into the Promised Land, Jeremiah the weeping prophet crying for the people to return to God, the Apostles preaching to the world and witnessing about Jesus and countless examples replete in the Bible, a nation certainly cannot do without its pastors and prophets. In the days of old, before kings took major decisions, they consulted with the prophets of the land just to be sure that they were in line with God. This re-echoes the second point of note from the scripture that was earlier referenced from the Prophet Jeremiah whereas the first point is made abundantly clear from the liberating examples of Moses, Jeremiah and the Apostles.

Ghana as a country is blessed with powerful men of God whose sole purpose is to act as mediators between God and men.
“And I sought for a man among them, that should make up the hedge, and stand in the gap before me for the land, that I should not destroy it:” Ezekiel 22:30

Following the release of the widely circulated communiqué by the Ghana Charismatic Bishops’ Council, the question as to whether pastors should be so directly involved in the governance of the nation has come up in many circles. The answer is clear from the above – Yes. It is the way God intended it to be. The council proposed certain key initiatives that will prove to be the solution to some parts of Ghana’s Achilles Heel.

Most notably (and for the purposes of this discussion), that Ghana should return to the “O” and “A” Levels of education which was the system in Ghana some few years ago. This model is still being used in other countries (England, Wales, and Northern Ireland) and these countries have some of the best ranked educational institutions in the world. That is even why people who finish our system go there to polish up or totally throw away our certificates for their certificates in order to be accepted internationally.

The “O” and “A” levels have been seen to be the type of education tailored for the elite, exclusive preserve of the rich and famous. “Why?”…because it breeds the desired results; an enlightened generation. Call them “Grammar Nazis” or know-it-alls but the proof is always in the pudding. By this reasoning, if I’m not mistaken, the Ghana Charismatic Bishops’ Council has called on the government to reintroduce the system that kicked off formal education in Ghana.

Some little thinking Ghanaian upon hearing about the contents of the communique seem to be more concerned by two major things when it comes to the return to the “O” and “A” Levels:
1.    The cost involved
2.    The time it will take for a country to produce graduates

Before we lose sight of the discussion, it can be unanimously agreed that education in Ghana now comes at a pretty hefty penny. Money, cost, fees, can never be a substitute for good education. The average Ghanaian, per their economic standing may think this would be too extravagant. But the question is “Should this be?!” Not necessarily. This current government has, although by words so far, proven to be pro-free-education. Should the call for “O” and “A” Levels be heeded, what prevents the government from implementing some sort of free educational scheme? Many have questioned the government’s ability to run with the free SHS idea but that’s a discussion for another time.

Our current educational system is being monopolized by an examining body that hasn’t been able to properly examine its students without a mishap or two. For about half a dozen years now, examination malpractices have been perennial. Several people have suggested that other examination bodies should be allowed to come in and help…calls that haven’t been heeded to. Could it be that experts have determined through research that an organization as big as the West African Examination Council (WAEC), is the only outfit well equipped for the task?! Eternity would be the judge but until then, certificates under the current JHS and SHS are being given the “stink eye”. There is a lot of distrust for the current Ghanaian educational system by international standards. Then comes the question, is the call to return to the “O” and “A” Levels misplaced?

Then to the matter of graduates. Ghana would not be devoid of brilliant minds should the switch be made. This country still boasts of very intelligent individuals with impressive IQ’s. Some of these individuals currently walk our streets as graduates from several tertiary institutions. More will still be produced between now and the first crop of “O” and “A” Level pioneers should the call be heeded. This call to return to what we once knew also stems from the difference in quality of oral interactions that people have had between students who patronized either educational systems. It has, without a doubt, been perceived that “O” and “A” Level graduates are of greater quality.

The scriptures earlier mentioned are easily understood without the aid of grammar but should further exposition be required, the solution can be found in the “O” and “A” Level system that is being advocated for by the Ghana Charismatic Bishops’ Council.

The Ghana Charismatic Bishops’ Council also called for
•    Ghana to be covered with good roads by building the roads in a practical way
•    Necessary steps to be taken to allow poultry farming to flourish in Ghana
•    The Ghana Armed Forces to wipe out armed robbery from our nation

The communique (should everyone dedicate ample time and meditation to) would minister volumes of the said knowledge and understanding that Jeremiah says our pastors would feed us with.

Click here to download the communique.

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